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Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day

My husband is such an inspiration. For Mother’s Day he always makes me something, or some things. Beautiful things. He made me a card from a photo of our kids, then he made the frame and mounted it! He wrote the sweetest things to me. Not to mention the beautiful flowers and goodies he surprised me with.

Among the other things he planned, he purchased 2 Craftsy art classes for us to do together, in addition to another Craftsy class that we’re already doing.

We started one of the Mother’s Day gift classes today, together with our daughter, who blessed us with her presence and some flowers and chocolate-chocolate donuts! We were quite rushed during our first lesson in the Colored Pencil Class, but we made it through. It’s kinda sloppy, and the camera didn’t really pick it up right, but this is the 1st lesson in the class.

We had fun! I love my family! I am SO BLESSED!

Personal Medical Diary
Personal Medical Files

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CREATE your Personal Medical Journal / Medical File

I realize that not everyone has all that much to write about or collect pertaining to their medical health, but there are some of us that do. Those that don’t can still create a smaller scale version of this and consider the process of Journaling their health, whether it’s bad health or good health. It can be as simple or as detailed and thorough as you desire. I purchased an accordion file, with an elastic band closure, to ensure items don’t slip out, accordion files are a little wobbly when set upright. Some of the Sections that I chose to include are:

  • xrays
  • mris
  • tests
  • doctor
  • reports
  • doctor
  • name/phone/address
  • info gathered on my issues
  • Personal Medical Diary or Journal:  just a simple spiral notebook (this is sectioned as well, a quick write-up about what the doctor said pre-appt & post-appt, suggestions the doctor made, what the prescriptions were prescribed to me for, private notes are was I satisfied with this doctor or this report, followup, etc.)

I like the idea of having all of my info at my fingertips and ready to go on a dime. Sometimes I bring a miniature version of my main folder to my appts. If you end up doing this too, remember, when you when leave you are finished with your appointment, always ask for a print out or copy of the doctor’s/R.N.’s notes, the tests that were performed, and/or a CD of the imaging done/including the report. Chances are, they won’t have anything ready for you except possibly the doctor’s write up of your appt. But it’s more efficient to request it all immediately following your appt., before you leave. And if items are not available to you at that moment, you can request them all to be mailed to you or arrange to pick them up later.

I can’t stress how important it is to do this before you leave the office–it’s fresh on your/their minds so receptionists are quick to put it on their list (or will make copies before refiling your folder, instead of having to take the time to pull your folder later), and costs are minimal–if any. Forgetting to do this–leaving, and calling back later, for me anyway, just doubles

Personal Medical Diary Personal Medical Files

Personal Medical Diary
Personal Medical Files

my work. IMG_20140506_104645_edited-1When I’ve ended up doing this later, via phone, it usually will incur some sort of charges, and there has always been a wait for the items to be located, then shipped to you. Whereas in the office, speaking from my experiences, I’ve never had to pay for copies, and I have the documents in hand immediately. Also, when I’ve called offices later to request items from my files, I usually have had to wait on hold, the receptionist would go back to the Dr./R.N. and go on a little bit of a goose chase while waiting for them to finish up with a patient before the receptionist can even ask them to recall the appt./conversation, retrieve papers, etc. Had I just gotten that info before I left, on the front end, it would have been so much easier and efficient–all of my info was at hand and very easy to gather.

Once you begin practicing this after each appt., you’ll actually make a pretty quick routine of it. Also, during future appts., the receptionists seem to quickly “know the drill” and it happens pretty smoothly.

If your medical facilities provide records online, I recommend saving ALL of them to your computer, and also print them out and file them in a different folder–one that you won’t need to carry around. I’ve been spared from so many headaches and frustrations by carrying my file with me to appts. I have a separate folder that I have prepared to bring with me to appts. I bring this in case tests didn’t get sent over in time, or if I’ve forgotten to request tests to be sent prior to my appt. This frustration alone was motivation enough for me to make the carry-to appt. folder so that my time won’t be wasted in the Dr.’s office. (Only carry copies in this take-to-your-appointment folder, do not carry originals)


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Inspire Me Monday

martha cropmartha08crop1(I know it’s Tuesday)

Yesterday I visited my 91 year old grandmother. She was recently admitted into an assisted care facility. She’s only using about 28% of her heart. Her and I have been very close over the years. She’s just so special to me.

We had such a nice visit, she was weak and frail, she spoke quietly while hardly moving her lips–yet she managed to be in good spirits.

She was raised on a farm in the deep south. Born into a large Italian family that only spoke Italian. School was not a priority, in fact, they were so poor that most of them did not go to school for years. Well, my grandmother, who I call “Nanny,” pushed through the obstacles, learned the english language and showed me her school graduation certificate. She was so proud. She inspires me.


Self-goals, challenging, yet realistic, inspire


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